The European Federation of Conservative Dentistry (EFCD) was constituted in Basel, Switzerland on 20 December 2001. The EFCD is a non-commercial, non-profit making organisation.

The scope of the EFCD will apply to the collection of countries included in the European geographic region and Conservative Dentistry: the discipline of dentistry spanning all aspects of the prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth.

The prime object of the EFCD is to contribute to the promotion of oral health in the public interest by encouraging excellence in the clinical practice, teaching and research pertinent to all aspects of Conservative Dentistry.

Can be part of the EFCD:

  • Any European or national society, association or other organisation in the field of Conservative Dentistry in Europe must be able to demonstrate that it is promoting national and, where appropriate, international standards of excellence and the development of new knowledge and understanding in the field of Conservative Dentistry.
  • Other organisations wich have a special interest in the object of the EFCD.
  • Manufacturers of dental materials, equipment and instrumentation, publishers and other commercial organisations with a special interest in the object of the EFCD.
  • Individuals with interests in the object of the EFCD.
  • Honorary Membership to individuals having made an exceptional contribution to Conservative Dentistry. List of honorary members:
Nairn Wilson, London, UK
Guido Vanherle, Leuven, Belgium


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