The EFCD Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is the highest award of the Federation. The Award is made in recognition of outstanding contributions to Conservative Dentistry over a period, normally in excess of 30 years, in one or more of the fields of clinical practice, education, research, contributions to society, leadership and the promotion of professional standards. The Award will normally be given to a prominent European in the field, but may be awarded to an individual whose international activities and involvement in European affairs is judged to have had a major impact on Conservative Dentistry. The number of Awards is limited to one each year to reflect the exceptional achievements of awardees and to encourage the highest possible standards and levels of attainment in Conservative Dentistry in Europe.

Nominations for the Award, judged to satisfy the exceptional high standards required of awardees, will be referred to the Board of the Federation, which will be responsible for final decisions regarding the outcome of all nominations. Each year, the President of the Federation will ask all members of the organisation to identify one or two individuals for consideration at the Annual Board Meeting. At the Annual Board Meeting a shortlist of normally three individuals will be agreed. An Award of Excellence Committee will be established, with the membership being appointed by the Board. The Chairman of the Award of Excellence Committee will invite the short listed candidates to submit their curriculum vitae to the Committee without any indication of the possible outcome, let alone details of the other candidates. Candidates who refuse to submit their curriculum vitae or otherwise refuse to accept the arrangements for the selection of awardees will be excluded. The Award of Excellence Committee will consider and rank the candidates. The Chairman of the Committee will inform the President of the Federation of the agreed ranking. The President will take the ranking to the Board which will determine the awardee. In anticipation of the time required to complete the selection process, the procedure should be commenced twelve months in advance of the anticipated award.

In the event of a nomination being unsuccessful, a new nomination may be made as and when there is evidence of new, meritorious contributions to Conservative Dentistry in Europe or elsewhere in the world. Nominations will be individually judged on their merits and strengths. All deliberations in respect of nominations and awards will be strictly confidential.

Arrangements for the presentation of Awards of Excellence will be determined by the Board of the Federation. Presentation of the Award of Excellence will be made biannually by the President of the Federation at the ConsEuro meeting. The Award will take the form of a certificate and a decorative statue, including the awardee's name and the year of the Award. The Award will not be accompanied by a monetary prize. Recipients of the Award of Excellence will not be accorded any special rights or privilege in the Federation. At the time of an Award, the Federation will advise all relevant organisations, including the awardee's national dental association, with a request that the announcement of the Award be widely publicised through, for example, national dental journals and other periodicals. A list of Award holders will be maintained and from time to time published by the Federation (on the website) in further recognition of the outstanding achievements of awardees.

Once made, an Award of Excellence may only be rescinded in exceptional circumstances and with at least a two-thirds decision of the General Assembly.

Other possible awards to individuals by the Federation will be quite separate and clearly different to the Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence must remain and be promoted as the highest and most prestigious honour in the gift of the Federation. Acceptance of an Award of Excellence neither excludes nor advantages an individual in consideration for election as an Officer of the Federation or for any other possible award which the Federation may make at some future date. The Award of Excellence is not linked to any position or activity in support of the activities of the Federation.

List of Awardees

Ivar Mjør
Professor College of Dentistry, University of Florida Gainesville U.S.A.
Carel Davidson
Professor emeritus, ACTA Dental School of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Edwina Kidd
Professor Emeritus, King’s College London Dental Institute, United Kingdom
Erik Asmussen
Professor Emeritus, Dental School, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Blok Fejerskov
Professor, Head of Institute of Anatomy, Dr. Odont., DDS, Ph.D., Odont Dr. h.c. University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Jacob Martien ('Bob') ten Cate
Professor of Experimental Preventive Dentistry, Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (since 1985).

Gottfried Schmalz
Professor and Chairman of the Department of Operative Dentistry and Periodontology at the University of Regensburg, Germany.

Gunnar Bergenholtz
Professor emeritus and former Chairman of the Department of Endodontology / Oral Diagnosis at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


Jens Ove Andreasen
Associate Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery,University Hospital, (Rigshospitalet), Copenhagen, Denmark.


Guido Vanherle
Emeritus Professor KLU, Leuven, Belgium.




Prof. Dr. M. Ferrari, president of the EFCD presents the Award of Excellence to Prof. Ivar Mjør from Gainesville U.S.A. Prof. Dr. M. Ferrari, president of the EFCD presents the Award of Excellence to Prof. Carel Davidson from Amsterdam.

Prof. Dr. José de la Macorra, Prof. Edwina Kidd and Prof. Dr. Erik Asmussen after the presentation of the Award of Excellence in Seville. 

Prof. Dr.Rafael Llamas, president of the congress, explains the design of the Award to Prof Edwina Kidd, Prof. Erik Asmussen and Prof José de la Macoora..
 Prof. Bob ten Cate, Prof. Ole Fejerskov and Prof. Dr. Fatma Koray President of the EFCD

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Gunnar Bergenholtz (Gothenburg, Sweden), Professor Dr. Pierre Colon (Paris, France), President of the EFCD,
Dr. Anne-Katrin Luehrs (beneficiary of The Scientific Foundation of the EFCD, University of Hannover Germany),
Professor Dr. Gottfried Schmalz (Regensburg, Germany).


Conseuro London 2015


Conseuro meeting in London 2015

Professors G. Vanherle and JO Andreasen
after receiving their award.