Our Mission

The prime object of the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, hereafter referred to as the "EFCD", shall be to contribute to the promotion of oral health in the public interest by encouraging excellence in the clinical practice, teaching and research pertinent to all aspects of Conservative Dentistry. (Constitution article 2)

These objects will be realized through different initiatives and at different levels:
  • clinical practice
  • teaching
  • research in Conservative Dentistry

Clinical practice

A biannual meeting – the ConsEuro meeting- is organised together with a national dental association in the capitals or important cities of Europe. During the ConsEuro meetings selected speakers from Europe and the rest of the world are invited to give state-of-the-art presentations relevant to Conservative Dentistry. Member associations have the opportunity during a ConsEuro meeting to organise a half or one day meeting to complement the main meeting programme. An exhibition of dental materials and products is also organised as part of each ConsEuro programme.
A social programme is available for accompanying persons.
The language of ConsEuro meetings is English with simultaneous translation if necessary. For more information for the next ConsEuro meeting please go to the  page ConsEuro Meeting. 

  • The first ConsEuro meeting took place in Bologna in 2000.
  • The second ConsEuro meeting was held in Munich in 2003.
  • The third ConsEuro meeting took place in Rome 2006.
  • The fourth ConsEuro meeting was organised in Seville, Spain in March 2009.
  • The fifth ConsEuro meeting was organised in Istanbul in 2011.
  • The sixth ConsEuro meeting was organised in Paris in 2013.
  • The seventh Conseuro meeting will be organised in London, 2015

This website includes information on the EFCD, together with guidelines and recommendations in different areas of Conservative Dentistry. These guidelines and recommendations are compiled by groups of experts from different European countries.
EFCD Website Editors:

Prof. Marco Ferrari, University of Sienna, Italy 2001 - 2005
Prof. Livio Galottini, University of Rome, Italy 2005 - 2007
Prof. Guido Vanherle, University of Leuven, Belgium 2008 - 2014



At ConsEuro meetings individuals with special interests and expertise in different areas of Conservative Dentistry are invited as speakers to present their findings and knowledge as part of wide ranging programmes of activities.

Experts in Conservative Dentistry are asked to take part as a member of standing committees to develop guidelines and recommendations for the EFCD website.

EFCD representatives can be nominated to be elected to the Executive Committee to assist in the running of the Federation. The members of the Executive Committee elect a Vice-President who becomes President of the Federation prior to the next ConsEuro meeting. All members of the Executive Committee serve a term of two or three years and are eligible for a second term. Several officer positions are available (see composition of the Executive Committee). A meeting of the Executive Committee is held twice a year, and a General Assembly once a year.

The Award of Excellence of the EFCD is given to a colleague on a yearly basis. The Award of Excellence is the highest award of the Federation. The Award is made in recognition of outstanding contributions to Conservative Dentistry, in one or more of the fields of clinical practice, education, research, leadership and the promotion of professional standards. For more information see the EFCD Award of Excellence web page.


Research in Conservative Dentistry

The EFCD created a Scientific Foundation to sponsor scientific initiatives.
The purpose of this foundation is to financially support the following projects:

  • Scientific studies in Conservative Dentistry and related disciplines as start-up financing.
  • Scientific visits (3-12 months) in European Dental Schools to do research.

The support of projects or individuals is governed by guidelines approved by the General Assembly of the EFCD. For further information please go to the “Scientific Foundation” web page.

During each ConsEuro meeting a poster session is organised. Different poster prizes are given to the best poster in :

1. Operative/Restorative Dentistry, the Restorative-Award
2. Dental Materials, the Dental Materials-Award
3. Endodontics, the Endodontic-Award
4. Prevention, the Prevention-Award
5. Clinical Cases, the Clinical-Award
6. Student prize, the Student-Award
7. Dental Education
the Dental Education-Award


In each category there is one prize: 100 £

All posters will be published in the journal of Clinical Oral Investigations.