Poster prize for BIOMATERIALS

Tugbag Toz, Arlin Kiremitqi, Erhan Palaska, Oya Ünsal Tan, Anil Sera Kahraman, Zeliha Soysal

In Vitro Biocompatibiliy of Current Adhesive Restorative Systems.



Șerife Tugba Büyüközer, Bora Öztürk, Atiye Ni.lgün Öztürk, Füsun Özer

Analysis of HEMA Released from Adhesives at Different Dentin Thickness. 

Ahmed Almahdy, Frederic Festy, Timothy Watson, Avijit Benerje

Micro Roman Spectroscopy Analysis of Caries Dentin. 


Poster prize for PREVENTION

Cem Peskersoy, Ayșegül Kaya, Șule Peker, Aycan Ünalp, Necmi Gökay

Migraine & Oral Health: Is There a Relationship?



Poster prize for ENDODONTICS

Gabriel Magnucki, Alexander Navarrete Santos, Hans – Günter Schaller, Tarik Mustafa, Cuong Hoang-Vu

Direct Pulp Capping: Possible Effect Of TNF- a and IL – 6 on Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells.


Poster prize for CLINICAL CASES

Herman J.J.Roeykens, Roland J.G.De Moor

The Use of Laser Doppler Flowmetry in Different Clinical Applications


Poster prize for STUDENT'S SESSION "Peter Minnig Prize"

Daniël Awad, Nicoletta Ilie

Effect of Polimerisation and Aging on the Incremental Bond Strength of Ormocer- Basesd Dental Materials. 



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